Properties of Slime

Everyone put their little bits of slime together for activities at the sensory table.  If  the slime gets a little too sticky, a squirt of water or liquid laundry starch seems to help.
our slime
The students discovered that slime has some interesting properties. Slime can be broken into pieces if you pull on it with a firm grip. Allow the slime to stretch itself by hanging and it seems to stretch endlessly.
slime stretchstretch slime


How long would it stretch? We don’t know yet, but that is another lesson for when the teacher remembers to bring some wax paper. There is not enough space on the Discovery Table to stretch slime to its limits.

Slime Is Fun!

Circletime for this theme starts by learning a new song:

Wiggle Worm
(Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Wiggle, wiggle little worm (lace fingers and wiggle them like worms)
Through the grass and dirt you squirm.
You don’t like the light or sun’ (hide eyes)
But you think the mud is fun. (rub hands together)
Wiggle, wiggle little worm (lace fingers and wiggle them like worms)
You are slippery when you squirm!

Earthworms are very different from the critters we encounter above the ground. They do not have eyes, ears, legs, arms or even lungs. Worms breathe through their skin. Their skin must stay wet so the oxygen can pass through. They cannot breathe underwater, though, so life underground can be tricky. Earthworms are very slippery. This is because of the thin layer of slime that covers their body and helps them to stay moist.

We made slime in the classroom. I put green coloring and liquid laundry starch into two different small spray bottles. Squirt one teaspoon of white school glue into a child’s hand and ask them to stir it with a finger on their other hand. One squirt of green and three or four squirts of starch and things start to get slimy!



The small balls of slime can be combined and kept as a tray activity for the sensory table. Add a few plastic bugs for the goo factor!


If things seem a little sticky, add a few more squirts of the starch. Slime will stick to hair and clothes, but washes out with water.

Have fun!