Frog Life Cycle

The rainy season brought us tadpoles and now we are releasing tiny frogs and toads back into the “wild”. The students watch each day for new developments in the tiny creatures that look like fish. I often hear the cry, “It’s got legs!” Watching the frog life cycle makes it a real fact in the minds of young children. This has lead to the creation of frog playdough.

Frog Playdough
I use my favorite uncooked playdough recipe. This can also be done as a class project. If you want, you can just use store bought green playdough.

Uncooked Dough Recipe
What you need:
1 cup flour
2 cups salt
1 tbs. cream of tartar
2 tbs. oil
1 cup water
Food coloring or liquid watercolors
Mixing bowl and spoon

What you do:
1. Measure flour, salt and cream of tartar into bowl and stir together
until mixed well.
2. Mix oil, water and coloring together in a cup.
3. Pour liquids into dry ingredients and mix.
4. Knead and store in airtight containers.
5. Dough is soft and can be used again or allowed to dry.

I used leftover scraps of foam and a hole puncher to create the spots on the dough.
Frog Spots
The result is creativity at the Discovery Table.
Frog Dough
Some students were not too sure if they would like Frog Playdough. It might feel like a …frog!
Lumpy Frog
Several braver ones found it was just playdough with spots and soon there were many species of “frogs” popping or should I say, hopping up!
Not Slimy