The Heart Shape Returns

The great wait begins. First, the weather doesn’t cooperate. Then, several of the caterpillars escape before they even make it to the preschool science room.


Finally, I have secured some eggs and they hatch! NOW, we must provide them with food until they are big enough to turn into chrysalis. There are many other things we can do until then, like look for heart shapes around us.

The shape of a heart is often found in nature. Flowers and leaves come in the shape of a heart. Three green hearts make a Shamrock. Have a live shamrock on display for children to see. Press some of its leaves and laminate it.


One of my waiting stations has a stamp pad activity for making shamrocks. Three green hearts stamped close together make a shamrock! Ask children to write their names on their artwork, or at least the first letter. While my activities are not holiday activities in general, they sometimes reflect what is happening in our culture.


After three hearts come… Four hearts. Yes, I do have a rhyme for this.

Counting Hearts

One heart means “I love you.”
For a valentine you will need two.
Three hearts make a shamrock nearby
While four can be a butterfly.

Later in the month, I change stamp pads from green to pink and blue for the butterflies.