Science in a Bottle

The science area in the preschool classroom is often neglected. It takes time away from all the lesson plans, observation, picture taking and testing that must now be done. Items must always be age appropriate and safe and most days time just runs out! Teachers in a school community need to come together and prepare for the year. Each person brings a special gift and sharing these gifts assures every classroom will be better for 2017!

For our very young, science in a bottle is a great idea. Messes can be avoided, materials will last and everyone gets a chance to observe close up and in real life. Taking time to plan for science, sharing ideas, and finding a sturdy plastic bottle will help every science area take on a new look. It will also attract and engage children to participate in science. There is, after all, a little scientist in all of us.

First Bottle – How do we get plants?

From a mighty tree to the grass in the yard, many plants start with a seed. Seeds drop or are carried by the wind to the ground. Sometimes animals or a stream will relocate a seed. Farmers plant seeds to grow food.

Choose a seed. Add a layer of small stones (2 inch) and a layer of dirt (3-4 inches) to your bottle. Depending you our bottle size… add water. Take care to not disturb the dirt. The dirt should be moist and a small amount of water under the stones is good! Drop in a seed and poke it under the ground with a pencil. Below is a bottle ready for a seed. Notice the holes in the top!

plant bottle