Review of October Software

Programs Featured

October is over! Time and weather change. Holidays cause pressure as everyone scrambles to keep up. The computers took on a change that required students to have better skills using the mouse and critical thinking. Each program is scaffolded so students can enjoy the computer experience while improving computer mouse and small motor control.

Stellaluna by Living Books

Designed to be used by young children, pre-school to K-2. Stellaluna on a discovery of the difference between bats and birds and more! There are many surprises to be found. Even small children can navigate their way around easily, with just a click of the mouse.
Plus, children can select the “Read to Me” mode.

Putt-Putt Enters the Race

Putt-Putt is invited to participate in a race. He needs to collect four pieces of equipment to be in the race. By keeping his eyes open, earning some extra money, and helping others in cartown, he is able to gather those materials. Objectives change if the game is not saved to create a new experience each time the program is run. The goal is not a competitive one where students have to “WIN” or “LOSE”. It’s more of a goal of getting the tools needed to complete a certain job. Putt-putt models polite language and a positive demeanor. There are no bad guys

I Spy Jr.

The game engages children with clever and colorful scenarios and builds learning skills through riddles, puzzles, and games. It has 6 different activities that really help with important learning skills for preschool children as they recognize and put together patterns, following directions, and independent thinking…and it’s fun! The software uses familiar looking objects, such as colorful toys and beads. The oral directions are very clear and simple.

Animal Adventures

Four exotic animal habitats offer adventurous fun: the African savanna, a temperate forest, the Amazon rain forest, and a tide pool. Each habitat comes with its own set of animal games and activities. Students interact with and learn about a variety of animals or create their own animal habitats.