A is for…

Using the letter of the week can insure that over a year’s time a child has been exposed to all of the alphabet, lower and upper case. It can also mean that the letters in a child’s name are not covered until the end of the year. At a perfect time for P when there is pumpkin pie the letter of the week may be T for thanksgiving. It can be frustrating to try to add this into a teacher’s theme.  I personally feel that while there maybe a letter of the week schedule in your curriculum, there needs to space left for special events and freedom to choose letters with your themes.

After a week of A is for Apple, we had made apple prints, used sign language for A and apple, circled every A or a in magazine clippings, made an A with popsicle sticks and playdough, and read about Johnny Appleseed. We had even covered how A has two sounds. There was an apple taste test at snack time and I reminded the students that for Show and Share they should bring something from home about the letter A.

“Everything starts with A at my house,” remarked one student as he munched away at his apple slices.
“Everything?” I said. “What do you have in your house?”
(Really, I should have known better)
“Oh, a chair, a door, a rug, a bed, a table…”