The “New” Orange

The first day of school. That is the day when the very young must adjust to new surroundings and leave the comfort of home. It is often very trying and stressful. Yet, the very young bounce back and settle in and make new friends.

The first few days in my classroom I try to reduce the stress by having familiar items and activities out for the students.

The Art Center is stocked with lots of paper and crayons. We had just begun to do some free art at the art table when a little guy gasped, “Oh no! This is not my color.”

“What happened? Did you get your crayons mixed up?” I asked.

“Uh huh, they both had orange paper on them, but this color is different,” he almost looks tearful.

“The colors both look orange to me, one is just a different shade,” I say trying to soften things for him.

“Yeah, I guess it is just a violet-orange,” he says, giving me a very wise look for a four year old.

I do not laugh. It is very endearing to see this young boy come up with a solution and a name for the other orange. He colors around the offending color and makes a picture to take home. I am left to ponder if there really is a violet-orange and what the color would look like…