Sticky Board Tree

The trimming of a tree is a tradition in many households around the world in December. There are different views about food, family and gift giving depending on the culture. The tree sticky board allows students to decorate a tree and choose for themselves colors and items to be placed on the tree. This freedom allows not only creativity to grow, it also helps critical thinking skills to develop. Sharing and cooperation go hand and hand when several students participate in this activity together.


A fingerplay acted out on the sticky board helps children to visualize what their fingers are representing. As they hold up fingers to count the candles they can take turns putting candles on the tree:


Five little candles twinkling on the tree.
The first one said, “What do you see?”
The second one said, “I see Santa big and jolly.”
The third one said, “I see Christmas wreathes or holly.”
The fourth one said, “What do you hear?”
The fifth one said, “Children singing loud and clear,”
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”