Bats on the Computer

The theme of bats in a computer lab must include Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.


Stellaluna is a fruitbat, better know as a flying fox, who is separated from her mother and lives with a family of birds. The main focus of the book is how bats and birds are different even though they can both fly. I have a copy of the book in the library to show children how computers and books are often integrated.

The story is rich in scientific vocabulary. We talk about animals that are nocturnal and use echolocation.

There are also new words to add:
Anxious- worried
Babble- talking quickly and in a way that is hard to understand.
Clambered- climbed
Clutched- to hold on tightly
Downy- soft
Muse- to think for a long time
Peculiar- strange
Perched- to sit at a high vantage point
Sultry- very hot and moist

The lesson will lead to how fruitbats are found mostly in the rain forest (and sometimes zoos). The bats we often see at night flying around the street lights are insectivores. Even bats can be different from one another (just like humans). They play a very important role in our environment by keeping the insect population in control.

So many differences, and yet, they all work together to make our environment better!