Theme for October: Bats and Spiders

Bats are often viewed as being creepy creatures, but they are very important to our environment. Bats are insectivores and most nights eat their own weight in bugs. When that is added up bat by bat, it is easy to see we would have many more mosquitoes to deal with if it weren’t for bats. Bats are nocturnal and that is the reason we don’t often see them. We start the theme by learning a fingerplay on the Sticky Board.

Five Black Bats

Five black bats hanging upside down.
The first black bat did not make a sound…
The second black bat said “I’ll fly far into the night.”
The third black bat said “I don’t like the sunlight.”
The fourth black bat said “I want to eat some bugs.”
The fifth black bat said “Let me give you a hug.”
Five black bats hanging upside down
Shh! It’s daylight, don’t make a sound!



Bats are the only mammal that truly flies and with their hands! To demonstrate this to the students, I trace their hands on folded paper and then draw a bat wing around their fingers.


When cut out and folded in the middle, it’s wings will flap. The students are ready to do the fingerplay again with their own bats!