Theme for September: Earthworms

Most people say “EWWW” when I mention earthworms. Sometimes a small critter that grosses out  some people  is very important to us!  They play an intricate part of our circle of life. Worms eat old dead stuff. They help us recycle newspaper and leaves back into the soil. Plants benefit not only in the rich soil, but also in the aeration of the earth as the worms tunnel about. They soften the earth and this allows the rain to penetrate and easier growth of the plants. A great place to start learning about the earthworm is The Adventures of Herman.

Our first project is making a Worm Farm.

Worm Farm
The students help spray shredded newspaper with water and tear it into smaller pieces to make the bedding.

baby earthworms
Worms that hatched out in last year’s Farm are on display.


Tomorrow we will add earthworms! They can be purchased from local stores that have a sports or bait section.