Stringing the Stars

Foam stars are ready for stringing together on a piece of lacing. This tray activity can be used at a table, on a rug, or in a learning center. I recommend concentrating on patterns and keeping the lacing short enough that it cannot be tied around the neck.


Lacing Stars

I can spot a pattern already!

Lacing activities can reinforce classroom vocabulary and help define shapes and colors. Eye-hand coordination and the development of small muscles in the hand are enhanced while handling the lacing and the beads. Visual Perceptual Skills grow and help the students make sense out of what they are seeing. It is such a simple activity loaded with Fine Motor Skills that play an important role in preparing children to be self-sufficient, write legibly with a pencil, to dress, or to use a toothbrush. It takes years to develop these skills that adults take for granted. Another important aspect of lacing beads:  It is FUN!