Computer Mice

There is a different type of mouse in my classroom. Fortunately is does not need any special care . It is a trackball or marble mouse for the computer. I discovered these critters after looking for computer mice that would be easier for children to use. After trying several brands and sizes, Logitech seems to have the most reliable mouse for the money.

marble mouse

Stickers help remind my class which is the left and right click. Green is for go and orange for caution. I cannot tell them to never use the right click because some programs will tell them to right click.

My students can use right hand, left hand or both hands when maneuvering the mouse. There is no need for mouse pads or cleaning the bottom of the mouse. It is stationary. The children seem to adjust quickly to this different mouse. It is easier for small hands to handle and also takes the pressure off or the wrist and shoulder. This will help delay any carpal tunnel syndrome that is associated with the use of a traditional mouse over the years.

Some people shy away from track balls, because they say they are too hard to use or not precise enough, but after having elbow and shoulder pain at the end of a work day, I decided to give one a try at home. I didn’t find this to be the case with the marble mouse. It seemed a little awkward initially, but within a few days I was able to tasks at the same speed I could with a mouse.

Try one for a few weeks, you might be saving yourself some pain later!