Theme for June: Ocean and Beach Life

My first theme for the summer is Ocean and Beach Life. I live very close to the beach and know my students visit there regularly. The beach is different each day and there always seems to be something new to learn. The classroom library has books about the ocean and beach with a box full of sealife puppets and stuffed animals nearby.

Computers have uploaded all the Freddi the Fish series that I have onhand. There is an old program called O’Dell Down Under for the older students who are ready for a challenge.

I have been busy updating my Discovery Bottles. The one below one has water, a little blue water coloring, Make It Shimmer (from Discount School Supply), shells, and sand. I taped the lid on the bottle to keep it from accidently coming off. The students can cause a storm by shaking the bottle and then watch it calm to see the shells.

Ocean Discovery Bottle

I find that mouthwash bottles make excellent Discovery Bottles. They have a better viewing surface and the lid already locks.

The classroom is ready for it’s adventure at the beach! Stay tuned, there is more to come. *hums the Under the Sea theme song*